SPOT aims to provide comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and address the rate of underage sexual activity, teenage pregnancy and child grooming to educate and equip young people with the tools they need to live a meaningful life.

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    SPOT is a movement created for girls by girls focusing on providing Comprehensive Sexuality Education since 2015.
    Our programmes aim to educate, empower and enable more women and girls by providing relevant information fundamental towards producing informed individuals through age-appropriate and culturally sensitive approaches.
    Through SPOT programmes, we encourage young women to develop a positive attitude towards sexual and reproductive health, as well as skills to further their personal and social development.

    SPOT modules are designed in alignment to the International Technical Guidance of Sexuality Education (ITGSE 2018) with the active participation of children, psychologists, counselors, parents, religious leaders and educators.

      SPOT is very aware of the diverse and nuanced cultural sensibilities and sensitivities in Malaysia. As such, while we remain firm that scientifically accurate knowledge must be shared, we do so respectfully and carefully. 

      SPOT's delivery is youthful, engaging and highly interactive, using games and tools. Our team engages CSE trained performing art specialists and gamification experts for high impact delivery.