SPOT aims to provide comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and address the rate of underage sexual activity, teenage pregnancy and child grooming to educate and equip young people with the tools they need to live a meaningful life.

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    What is SPOT all about?

    SPOT is a community campaign aiming to spread awareness of puberty related issues among girls. First menstruation had always been a confusing situation for girls, and a difficult time for the parents to explain exactly what is going on. SPOT Box will ease their transition by providing relevant information to the girls experiencing the strange and new changes within their bodies.


    We aim to produce 5,000 SPOT Boxes to be sold at RM35 each to parents of school girls aged 10 to 13 to start the campaign. For each SPOT Box sold, one SPOT Box will be donated to the school girls living in rural areas.


                                 SPOT Campaign Objectives:


    • To help young girls and their parents especially in the rural areas get through first cycle of menstruation

    • To educate teenage girls about personal hygiene routine which revolve around menstruation

    • To create awareness of various biological changes that happens during puberty



    A performing arts graduate from University Malaya, Aishah’s interest has always been in art and social work. As a University Malaya Student Ambassador she served under the wings of the International and Corporate Relations Office of University of Malaya. Aishah volunteers in her free time. She was inspired to create SPOT when she served as an enumerator for University of Malaya Medical Centre in a HTMC Flagship Project of “Diseases Among Urban Community: A Community Based Participatory Action Research”.



    After ten years in the TV industry, Sesha's passion in directing led her to explore Performing Arts - allowing for an observation of Malaysian arts from various capacities. She recently directed and produced Far from the River under the mentorship of Singapore's Award winning Najib Soiman, Japan's Doppo Narita and Malaysia's The Actors Studio. She is also a judge of the school category in for Kakiseni’s Cameronian Awards.


    Carlin is a daughter, sister, co-founder of Orang Lama, partner and bestfriend to Sizi, dreamer who is working in the urban indie fashion planet. Her experience in PR and HR was shared with her peers in Orang Lama to form collaborations with other local indie businesses. Her favourite movies include Forrest Gump, Million Dollar Baby and The Dark Knight. Carlin aspires to be a professional master diver.



    Iriz is an IT System Analyst working in KL. A robotic engineering graduate from UniKL MFI, he is also the lead guitarist for the group Tashya's Ink famous for their songs like "Yang Ku Mahu" and "HU". Iriz brings along a unique mixture of experience SPOT from his time as a robotic engineer to his current IT Analyst job. Iriz spends his free time with his family and friends, writing music and performing with his band, playing football, hiking or watching his favourite TV series.