SPOT aims to provide comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and address the rate of underage sexual activity, teenage pregnancy and child grooming to educate and equip young people with the tools they need to live a meaningful life.

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    SPOT Founder

    Message from our founder

    When I was an undergraduate at Universiti Malaya

    studying performing arts, I volunteered as an

    enumerator for a research project, tasked with

    collecting data by interviewing families in affordable

    housing projects in Kuala Lumpur.

    Having a first-hand opportunity to speak to parents

    and children about their level of awareness about

    health and its related issues made me realize the lack

    of correct information in regards to sexual and

    reproductive health, including knowledge about HIV

    and AIDS. I also found parents to be absent most of the time,

    leaving younger children vulnerable to sexual assault,

    violence and exploitation (child grooming). So I started

    working on a solution to address these issues.

    I started looking into better ways of providing

    comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in an effort

    to address teenage pregnancies, gender-based

    violence and the practice of promoting marriage as a

    supposedly legitimate solution to sexual impropriety.

    Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and

    supporters, SPOT has grown from its humble

    beginnings to an organisation tackling UNSDGs 3, 4

    and 5.

    Together, with your support, we hope to continue

    uplifting our girls to turn them into strong women of

    the upcoming generation creating a positive future for


    Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri

    SPOT Founder, President Elect

    Soroptimist International Club of Petaling Jaya

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