SPOT aims to provide comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and address the rate of underage sexual activity, teenage pregnancy and child grooming to educate and equip young people with the tools they need to live a meaningful life.

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    Our Story

    SPOT (Soroptimist Puberty Organising Toolkit) was conceptualised in December 2014 as a volunteer initiative focused on developing and delivering relevant puberty and sexual abuse prevention information - fundamental towards producing informed individuals - in a socially sensitive manner.  


    SPOT activities aim to address the increasing rates of underage sexual assault, underage sexual activities, underage and unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions and baby dumping among youths. Our programs encourage a positive attitude towards reproductive health, bodily autonomy, and personal and social development.


    In 2015, SPOT's first workshop was conducted at SK Taman Permata (an urban-rural school). This pilot initiative benefited both the school and SPOT, as all 55 adolescent girls were left more educated and aware about puberty related issues, and we saw a positive response to our curriculum, including increased awareness and confidence about puberty, creating an aware and empowered group of young girls. 


    Since then, SPOT modules have been delivered to 5140 girls in 43 schools in 6 states. 106 volunteers have contributed a total of 1,200 hours delivering these modules.


    This initiative had allowed SPOT to grow by collaborating with related professionals from government and non-governmental bodies to create a system that can be implemented at a national scale.

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